Having spent many years at Coca Cola, helping them launch their data intelligence systems and analysing their sales processes, Anna has built up a wide range of abilities in the area of Data Analysis, Marketing Intelligence and Digital Transformation. 


During her time at Coca Cola in Spain she partnered with the Business Intelligence department to gather large quantities of data and analyse them to design a sophisticated and market-leading 'Route to Market Process’. The key was in allocating resources in a way that meant that the ROI would be the highest.The Marketing Intelligence team analysed merchandising material, creating a pool of orders and cross selling. The enhancements lead to a more accurate forecast of the impact of marketing campaigns. They also had an ambition to have a zero waste policy.The process was so successful that it generated a saving of 3 million Euros which equalled an impressive 4.1% of Direct Marketing Expenses. She is now looking to bring these skills to companies in the Middle Eastern region. 


Anna loves to be the key link between IT and the rest of the teams when facing difficult Digital Transformation projects. Understanding the needs of the users versus the department and then translating them into a plan for the stakeholders; her strengths lie in defining and implementing new processes and giving support to the team members, to ensure the success of the system.


Her professional experience has taken her to Germany, France and Spain before landing in the UAE and she has been part of companies such as Siemens and Coca-Cola's European Partners. Anna thrives on new challenges and is always happy to contribute to the team, with a goal orientated and positive approach. 


The eWavelength team and Anna can greatly assist your Sales and Marketing departments to define new digital data, which will enable you to segment your product portfolio, leading to a smooth, more efficient sales process. Tapping into Data Marketing is key to acquiring a deeper knowledge and understanding of your marketing campaign results and your return on investment (ROI). Setting the right KPIs and creating enlightening reports is also a core part of any Digital Transformation project that Anna runs.


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