Top 10 Moments: A year in the life of an Abu Dhabi digital marketing consultancy

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Phew! A Fast and Furious style year! Time to reflect on our favourite moments, that have made this year such a special one.

European Summer Tour! Google’s Digital Training Academy

Rosie met lots of ‘Googlers’ this summer. The Google Training Academy recognised her digital expertise, and commissioned her to run training courses all over Europe for their clients.

Prague, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dubai and London, busy busy…..apparently there was ‘just NO TIME WHATSOEVER for lounging around’, but we can still be a teensy bit jealous, right? And at least we now have plenty of ideas for the office Secret Santa (Sparkly eWavelength wall paper, and Monster-sized deckchairs inspired by Google!)

We all do chicken dancing

Rewind to earlier this year, when we ran a fun and very successful 2-day Digital Marketing Masterclass for marketing professionals and local entrepreneurs. Hosted at beautiful Yas Links, the course received an amazing 5 out of 5 rating from attendees. We were so motivated by the wonderful comments, we’re doing it all again in February, and just for fun, added a 2 day Social Media Masterclass in March! Drop us a line to book your space, or register via our website.

We incorporate the company in the UAE

It’s a proud moment when a baby finally comes of age. You’re the only one that really remembers the late nights, and wobbly steps that got you there, and no we’re not talking about Friday brunch after-party!

Charlotte is very App-y

Charlotte blazed a trail when she helped produce an app for the Yalla See-It-All Tourist Guide, Abu Dhabi’s newest and greatest travel guide. With a distribution of 120,000, the Abu Dhabi Guide will be adorning the shelves of hotels, airports and clubs all across the UAE. Download from the App Store to find out what to do this weekend!

Emma gets social

Emma delivered a traffic safety communications campaign for one of Abu Dhabi's leading British international schools on their social media channels, which 93% of parents surveyed ranked as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

Donna brings marketing expertise from the land of Koalas to the land of Camels

Bringing a wealth of experience from Down-Under, Donna came on board to assist with some social media marketing campaigns.

Charlotte speed-dials her hairdresser

Charlotte puts more thought into her work wardrobe than anyone else in the team, so the day she had to wear a hard hat was something we HAD to get a photo of! It might have ruined her hair-do, but how exciting to know that all those late nights she spent writing the social media calendar for Abu Dhabi’s newest $1 billion Mall have helped generate an amazing 28,000 Page likes, and kept the global flagship investors in the loop.

Emma goes artisan

Wildly vibrant candles matched to your home! When Emma worked with Dune Candles, Abu Dhabi’s first handcarved candle company, to project manage their new website, she was tickled pink (well, purple, blue, yellow, red and orange too!)

The end result was a customer-friendly SEO-focused site, which has organically achieved top Google search rankings - something which we are all delighted about!

Mark becomes a Dad

No sooner had the baby arrived, Mark our web designer was back on the computer designing impactful websites for the eWavelength team. Mark’s websites are cute, but very little is cuter than babies at Christmas!

Some of Marks highlights this year have been the opportunity to work on Denny's new website in the UK as well as launching a new interviewing software Candidate Video.

Esther does her best to make VAT look interesting!

We know that VAT isn’t everyone’s favourite topic, but we were super happy to work with Esther our video producer to shoot a corporate video for financial consultancy clients Advisors ME, plus social media and recruitment videos for the British School of Al Khubairat.

We’ll find out in just a few short days who listened to the advice in the video and got ready for VAT. If you know someone who hasn’t…send them our way, as we know just the person to help!

Okay, small fib about there only being 10.....we had such a tough time whittling it down, we couldn’t possibly not include these ones!

Ghina – the force is strong with this one

It’s not every day you get asked to write a 65 page banking website in Arabic! Luckily Ghina awakened the force, translating all those tricky financial terms into customer-friendly Arabic. A task for only the bravest of Arabic translators! Mash’Allah!

Darryn takes us on a virtual trip to Iceland

It’s tough translating everyone’s ideas into beautifully crafted Brochures, PDFs and flyers, but Darryn did it! Must admit we do love the Schools Trip brochure, Future Leaders, and BTEC brochures he spent many late nights producing for the British School Al Khubairat.

Rosie FINALLY tidies up her desk

It took a while…almost the whole year, if we’re honest….but didn’t she do a great job!

So we’ve done the math, and counted 21 clients, 136 pieces of work, and many skilled professionals coming together to enable us to deliver a wide range of digital and marketing projects for our clients.

Happy holidays from the eWavelength team; whether you’re a client, a friend, or a client who has become a friend, we’d like to thank you for helping us make this year such a successful and fulfilling one, and look forward to helping you create, innovate, and grow in 2018!

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