What HAVE We Been UP To?

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Ramadan Mubarak to all our friends and colleagues around the world! It's been a really dynamic year so far and June is already upon us, so what have we been up to lately?

With the holy month of Ramadan being a time for reflection, the team decided to reflect on what's been going on in the office this year.

These are the key highlights from 2018!

1. Finally moved into our new offices on Al Reem Island! The view is absolutely breathtaking.

2. Welcomed new designers, copywriters and translators - the team just keeps growing!

3. Proudly launched new social media channels for our clients.

Key Trends

1. Demand continues for good quality English speaking writers plus Arabic writers who can really translate the meaning of the English rather than just the words, so we have been helping some of the larger companies in the region improve their written word, translating 100,000s of words of content over the past six months.

2. With the launch of Amazon on the horizon, companies are continuing to try and improve their online website presence, so we have been building a number of new websites, and apps for innovative new projects launching in the region.

3. Getting good CRM systems is still a challenge for most companies, so we have been researching and testing HubSpot and other systems for some of the clients. This will help gather quality information.

Project Highlights

In addition to our ongoing projects supporting companies in banking, media, investment, sports and health sectors, here are two special highlights:

1. One of our projects which has been gaining momentum in the community is our new movement to raise safety for children in the region - we've just kicked it off through Social Media and already the demand is providing very high for the First Aid courses provided by client Lifesaver.ae

2. We're continuing to spread the word about VAT and how to get your accounts in order. The final VAT deadline submission is looming. To help firms in the region avoid the heavy fines we've been supporting Advisorsme.com with their Bus Dev strategy. Spreading the word about their VAT and CFO services to local companies who need help setting up their accountancy systems to meet the regulations.

2018 has brought a lot of changes, growth and positive results to both the office and the team, and it's been a fun ride so far. With the summer heat now rising to over 40 degrees, the team is on fire and we can't wait for the second half of the year to bring it on!

Need to get on our digital e-wavelength! Contact us for more information about our services and look out for upcoming updates.

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