Revving up for Formula 1 at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina Circuit

As the hosts of the most important major sporting events in the UAE, we were excited to have the opportunity to work with Yas Marina Circuit, the organisers of the Formula One #EtihadAirways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. They had heard we had a strong team of content managers and copywriters, and they needed this skillset on board to help them deliver 400+ pages worth of website content before the 2019 Grand Prix . We agreed to a shakedown, AKA a brief test, before we put our pedal to the metal.

The Yas Marina Circuit website was part of the wider #YasIsland IT infrastructure. This meant a fast learning curve for the team. We had to quickly work out how to:

  • Deliver website content for all the major events and experiences held at the track.

  • Support and detail all the 2019 F1 Grand Prix event organisation information across mobile and web.

  • And in stage 2, develop copy for an advanced ticketing system, with over 40 different ticketing options.

Getting into position

We built our pit-stop specialist team of five. Content, copywriting, Arabic, performance, content uploading, and web-page building.

To keep pace with the race leaders, our Arabic and English copywriting team spent a lot of time onsite with the Yas Marina Circuit crew, finding out what they needed and planning and drafting the required copy. By working closely with major stakeholders within the company, we helped on a variety of fronts including:

  • Creating and writing content from scratch in Arabic and English.

  • Delivering #F1 content to inspire the Grand Prix audience.

  • Managing the imagery and making all content SEO friendly.

As the project progressed, we added our web developer to the crew. His task was to accelerate the content delivery so we could get to the finishing line faster than a pit stop team.

Reaching the finish line

Like the F1 riders themselves, we got used to facing more than a few bumpy challenges along the way. One of our copywriters only had weeks to complete the ticketing system copywriting before she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!

Once the project was finished, we were lucky enough to attend the event and see it for ourselves. The work, the effort, and the partnership needed to make this work complete was something we felt depended on a high-level of teamwork. Just like the drivers and the pit teams we were writing about, we worked alongside the inhouse Yas Marina Circuit marketing team as a unit to make sure everything could be achieved on-time, on-budget, and to the highest standards.

In addition to watching the final big race itself, we also got to celebrate the star-studded after-party events, including concerts by Lana Del Rey, #Marshmello and #TheKillers.

Overall, this was a brilliant project and we very much thank the marketing team for inviting us to be part of their website journey, a project we will always remember with pride. The eWavelength team had the chance to work with a team of diligent professionals in an exciting environment. With the project now complete, we look forward to returning in the future to the dynamic and exciting F1 track at Yas Marina Circuit!

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