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Luma is a seasoned marketing professional with over a decade of international experience. 


With a bachelor’s degree in computer science, Luma is very tech-savy and well versed in a multitude of social media platforms. She is proficient in setting successful marketing strategies to penetrate existing markets, adept in event management and skilled in content administration.


A social media enthusiast, Luma believes that finding the right equation for each client is the key to success on all social media platforms. 


She spent many years working for the Four Seasons where she learned to become an excellent communicator and extremely organized. Here she learned how to deliver exceptional customer service and how to ensure the consumer experience lives up to the brand values. 


Another accomplishment is her detailed reporting skills. She always finds time on any project to measure overall results and experience by preparing detailed reports and analysis. 


She has a passion for the ever-evolving social media market and its powerful impact on our world today. In her most recent project she surprised and amazed us all by growing the Facebook following for our client from 0 to 19,000 in 6 months. Plus simultaneously their LinkedIn profile also grew by 20,000 at the same time. 


Definitely a person worth speaking to, if you are looking to build a social media following.


Give us a call 0525657334

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