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Brand, Communications and PR Manager

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eWavelength works with their clients to drive awareness of the client’s brand. Developing a Brand, Communications and PR strategy to support the brand ethos. The eWavelength team and Communication managers, work alongside the clients’ marketing, digital and social media teams to deliver a holistic plan.


Communication Projects at our Digital Agency involve the following:

  • Develop communications, brand and PR plan

  • Understand brand goals and objectives.

  • Focus on strategy development, content creation, and PR strategy.

  • Map out the tone of voice to reflect the company brand image.

  • Develop strong stakeholder relationships across the business.

  • Work collaboratively with digital marketing and social media teams.

  • Be solutions-focused

  • Understand how to deal with crisis management.

  • Demonstrate excellent communication and copywriting skills.

  • Leverage existing media relationships and cultivate new contacts

  • Become a brand expert and regularly monitor the impact on the brand of PR and Social media.

  • Survey the competitors and their strategies and promotions.

  • Demonstrate strong project management skills.

Members of the team:

  • Run events aligned with the brand and delivery timely communication and PR content.

  • Create impactful content creation

  • Manage inquiries and interview requests

  • Create content for press releases, website blogs, e-newsletters, and all communication touchpoints.

  • Crisis management - present solutions in times of PR crisis.

  • Track media coverage and social media mention and communicate results to the team.

  • Responsible for media relations programs throughout the UAE

Social Media

  • Work cross-functionally with the  Digital Strategist on organic social initiatives to integrate holistic campaigns.

  • Build relationships with micro and macro-influencers/ambassadors for branding, Social Media, SEO, and PR opportunities.

  • Support with ideation and production of content creation including video, social media, blog and others.

Industry Knowledge

  • Staying up to date with the latest technology and marketing and social media advancements.

Relationship Management

  • Engage with creative and direct marketing agencies for the briefing, ideation, and delivery of digital media assets.

  • Support the 'platforms' team with content updates on client websites.

  • Develop and maintain strong stakeholder relationships, ensuring cultural sensitivities are respected.

Communications and PR Reporting

  • Monitor - track media coverage and social media mentions and communicate results to team.


Personal Specification

Minimum Experience

Educational Qualifications

Technical Knowledge

Skills and Abilities

Other Requirements


Experience of running Communications and PR strategy plans across fast-paced brands

  • Experience with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and knowledge of search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an advantage

  • Strong digital and social media knowledge.

  • Strong communication skills.

  • Excellent communicator and strong copywriting skills across various digital and social channels.

  • Excellent project management skills.

  • Strong relationship management skills with Internal and External stakeholders.

  • Strong industry relationships.

  • High attention to detail.

  • Liaising with media agencies, working collaboratively to deliver Communication and PR strategy plans.

  • Ability to work under tight deadlines.

  • Demonstrated experience creating, implementing and monitoring Communication and PR campaigns.

  • Weekly reporting on brand PR mentions across various channels.

  • Ability to work with multicultural teams in a professional manner.

  • PowerPoint and Excel.

  • Ability to interpret reports from Google, Facebook and Adobe analytics.

  • Exceptional English – spoken and written

  • Arabic an advantage but not always required

  • Extra languages add value but not a requirement of role

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