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Need to get your message out fast to your customers?

You're not alone. Letting your customers know that you operating in a fast way can help. Try WhatsApp marketing!

Your Still Open

Our partners, have developed a bespoke platform to help you WhatsApp your customers via a broadcast message.

Extremely effective with 5-10% engagement rate, it’s a cost effective solution enabling your business to continue the conversation with your customers and keep them up to date with changes in operating hours, delivery services and special promotions especially during these uncertain times.

It’s a broadcast message however the responses are private. Customers are already open to this communication channel as they have access to it 24/7 on their phones and don’t consider it annoying like traditional SMS or junk mail.

There is a small set up fee and we are able to work with your database or a new one. We load it up for you and turn phone numbers into WhatsApp messages.

  • Direct engagement with customers.

  • Customer responses are received directly to the business phone number.

  • Excellent platform to communicate urgent messages to your customers.

  • Fast and easy to use.

  • Allows timely and direct messaging to customers.

  • Builds brand awareness and brand credibility.

  • Builds a loyal customer base.

  • It reminds customers that you’re still operating, and you care!

For more information on how WhatsApp - can help your business. 


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