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Customer Experience Labs

Creating Customer-First Teams

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Digital experience design thinking

The key to your brand

Before moving to the UAE, Rosie Seldon headed up the Digital Experience Team at HSBC UK for 3 years. Rosie led the team and digital strategy.


UX led design, customer usability labs, and customer-first design resulted in huge increases in revenues for the bank. 


Having worked in digital since 1999, and ran workshops for companies all over the world, Rosie Seldon, MD of eWavelength wants to bring this approach to the UAE. She has experienced first hand the impact this methodology has on sales numbers and customer satisfaction, and wants to share these ideas with companies in the region through workshops and training sessions. 


Customer Experience Labs:

  • Understanding what Digital Experience Design is and how it can immediately benefit your company. 

  • How an organisation can redesign its customer-facing digital assets to provide a massive increase in brand experience. 

  • How to implement a process-based approach for designing a seamless and high-quality experience across all its physical and digital platforms.

  • A step by step guide to re-organising your teams to work in this way.

Who is this course designed for?

  • Digital Marketing Teams

  • Website teams

  • Senior management

  • Product teams

  • Brand Managers

  • Loyalty managers

Impact of this approach

  • Learn an effective strategic model that you can now role out to the whole company 

  • A game-changing course with customer experience at its heart 

  • Techniques we can put into place, straight-away 


Here is an overview of the learning modules. These can be tailored for corporate clients to meet their exact needs:


  • Switching to a customer-focused approach for the digital world

  • Customer journey mapping

  • UX - what it is?

  • Project management techniques which is best for your organisation - from waterfall to agile

  • Case studies. How do they do it in Silicon Valley? What techniques do Google believe in?

  • Digital Branding v Sales: What is the difference online and how does it impact your digital design?

  • Mobile verses Big screen - things to consider

  • Group exercise: Mapping out your Customers' Journey

  • Truly understand your customer and see your results go sky high

  • Your digital marketing toolkit. What does it contain?

  • Search Engine Marketing, SEO. When to incorporate this in your design process

  • Content - how to incorporate and when

  • Online Advertising - how to incorporate Video, retargeting, programmatic, social in your customers experience

  • Build a winning strategy

  • Group Exercise:  Nailing it. Time to create the most impactful Digital Journeys the UAE has ever seen!

Trainer - Rosie Seldon


Rosie has worked with many brands on large-scale digital transformation programmes, customer experience mapping and digital campaigns.


She is currently a


  • Trainer for Google Digital Academy, London

  • Director of eWavelength, Digital Marketing Consultancy

  • Supporting many Abu Dhabi brands across the region

  • Worked extensively in the UK, starting in the millenium years as part of the dot com boom

  • Launched many websites and digital platforms before going on to enhance the digital experience design


Specializing in:


  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Online Customer Experience programmes

  • Online Marketing Campaigns

  • Analysing Digital Marketing results

  • Social Media Marketing

But don’t take our word for it… Here is what our previous clients and colleagues thought.


Rosie and eWavelength team have shown me how to help brands and organizations reach their customers in the digital world. Rosie encompasses all aspects to deliver a digital plan from strategy, design, content, and marketing all in one package. Corporations would surely benefit from her and her team.

- Sherif Gaafar, Leading program/project teams to deliver organization objectives within project cornerstones.


I had the pleasure of working with Rosie in the banking industry. Rosie is a very dedicated person and showed great diligence in running effective digital marketing programmes. As well as seeing the business perspective she is also very capable of thinking outside the box and raising the bar to look at strategy as well as daily implementation. 

- Malin Fabbri, Head of design | Service designer | Business architect


I have worked with Rosie in HSBC in Digital Marketing. Rosie was one of the best line managers I ever had. We have been accountable for big scale worldwide digital projects for HSBC, working under significant time and result pressure. Rosie led the team by example, showing strong delivery focus and strategic mindset helping to prioritize. Rosie was also great in people management, ensuring the team was high-performing and motivated. Her unique digital marketing experience and fantastic analytical skills helped the team to go extra mile and deliver our busy agenda in a way which exceeded stakeholders' expectations.

- Agnieszka Grodzka, Marketing Manager I Digital & Brand Strategist


A top marketing and digital professional who will be a great asset to clients.

- Donald Bradley, Senior Consultant at Savills


Rosie is fabulous to work with. Her insight and creativity has helped the team over the last year. It’s been very motivating to work with someone who is so passionate about creating amazing digital experiences to drive web traffic and boost profits, whether it’s designing a SEO content strategy for a new website, improving customer experience online, or developing a series of web-based brochures. She embraces new ideas and trends and continually looks for new and better solutions to offer eWavelength clients; this month the team has been using video to generate more engaging website and social media content. It’s no wonder really that she has been recognised by Google as being at the top of her field. I highly recommend Rosie to anyone looking for digital marketing in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the UAE.

- Emma Easter, Web Content & UX Writer


A very knowledgeable digital marketer, she has bags of enthusiasm and passion to achieve the optimum online user experience. Rosie is committed to achieving the end goal. She wasn't afraid to roll her sleeves up either and got involved in helping to deliver other aspects of the project she hadn't originally set out to, to ensure that the project was delivered on time.

- Victoria Mooney, Digital Marketing Consultant | Digital Garage Coach for Google


Rosie is an experienced and highly capable e-marketing professional. Her specialist experience enables her to provide high quality advice and support to clients in a range of digital fields, including website design and content, SEO optimisation, email marketing and online campaigns. She is highly focused on clients' objectives and is at ease working with both high level strategy and detailed tactical approaches. I would recommend her to any business looking to develop or add value to their e-marketing activities

- Karen Wisdom, Employee Experience (EX) & Engagement | Employer Branding | Research Insights & Consultancy | Marketing Communications

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