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eWavelength have access to a select group of top digital marketing strategists from around the world.

They have decades of experience. Delivering face to face or online training for some of the largest brands in the world.

The trainers have all worked together on Marketing Transformation Programmes as well as being selected to support Google’s Training Academy.

Based in various countries in Europe and the Middle-East, and coming from different national, cultural and professional backgrounds, they train in many languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish and Arabic.

"Together we have educated tens of thousands of people in more than 40 countries across the world"

Online delivery experts, top-end public speakers, business school lecturers and hands-on marketeers who know how to teach. Experts you would normally see at the world’s most high-profile events.

You will struggle to find a stronger pool of talent.

eWavelength can connect you with a group of expert facilitators, trainers and consultants with unrivalled experience in developing and delivering training around the world.

  • Leadership, Innovation and the Future (14 hours)"
    Transformation Framework Planning the roadmap Innovation and its impact Using Data for change Disruption Using Agile Customer Centricity The evolution of the Brand Brands and Value Creation Brand Equity Differentiation Brand Positioning Launching a Brand Brands and digital Brand nurture Managing change The impact of technology Changes in customer behaviour Growth hacking Future proofing a business New organisational structures The power and value of data This training and development programme has been created specifically for leaders and managers within an organisation who wish to gain an in-depth understanding of innovation and its impact on the marketplace as well how to make the most of recent innovations and changes as well as plan for the future.
  • Innovation (14 hours)
    Agile and innovative solutions are critical to delivering an agile organisation. This hands-on workshop enables leaders and their teams to develop the potential from creative and technological innovation. It encompasses techniques for building a more agile organisation and practical tools that enable rapid transformation.
  • Exceptional Management – Google’s Secrets revealed! (10 hours)
    As a thank you for all our work with the Google Digital Academy, Google have given us the chance to run three of their most valued management and team courses. Written by Google but kindly shared with eWavelength’s network of trainers. This training and development programme is only available to this exclusive group of trainers.
  • Outside In Thinking (6 hours)
    Trends and context A framework for agile working Reframing business challenges Creating a roadmap and vision Move faster by being adaptive Work collaboratively and under pressure Identify and prioritise agile projects Putting them into practice Identify and liaise with social influencers Message amplification through media Identifying KPIs for business return Segmenting and targeting for success Empathy maps for customer types Data and tools to validate personas Methods to connect with segments Build customer journeys Analyse gaps and opportunities Activities and content to improve the funnel Segment audiences for personalisation Team innovation and idea creation This workshop focuses on developing a customer-centric approach on how to plan communication and marketing.
  • Brand Management (14 hours)
    Brands must now deal with the speed of change in order to survive and thrive. This programme covers the methods that should be used by Brands to dominate their sector in the ever changing digital environment.
  • Digital Marketing FastTrack (30 hours)
    This Digital Marketing Fast Track programme covers the key areas in digital marketing and how to create and implement a successful online strategy. It also looks at the current and future trends in digital marketing. The course considers multiple channels and explains how these are integrated to create impactful Omnichannel campaigns to build awareness and grow sales.
  • Marketing to the Connected Consumer (12 hours)
    The Marketing to the Connected Consumer programme provides a solid understanding of the current challenges in marketing and how to overcome them. It takes attendees through the process of how to market effectively to the new consumer.
  • Best Practice in Social Media Marketing (12 hours)
    Planning and strategy Paid and Display SEO Paid Search using Google Ads Social media marketing Content Marketing Email marketing Analytics Segmentation and Personas Micro Moments Mapping the customer journey App vs Sites Mobile and User Experience Content and Creative Measurement Harnessing the future of Innovation The core principles of best practice Creating a plan Building and managing communities The social media marketing toolkit Influencer Marketing Maximising engagement Crisis management Measuring success The Best Practice in Social Media Marketing programme teaches participants the techniques and tools needed to understand and harness the opportunities provided by best practice in social media marketing. Students will learn how to leverage their company’s presence on social media platforms to generate more connections, build customer relationships and boost profits.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (7 hours)
    The SEO programme helps students achieve a comprehensive understanding of the principles of SEO and how to use techniques to rank at the top of Google and other major Search Engines. At the end of this module students will be able to build a competitive SEO strategy.
  • Internal Communications (16 hours)
    Excellent internal communications drives and motivates your teams. This course will show you how to excel, excite and motivate your teams
  • Digital Transformation Strategy (14 hours)
    In this training and development programme, attendees will learn how to create a digital transformation strategy that can be used in the real world by leaders and managers. It covers a number of key subjects, and integrates these to provide a cohesive plan for those who want to transform their businesses for success in the digital era.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (7 hours)
    The evolution of SEO The key elements of good SEO The process of SEO The tools used for SEO Keyword and competitive analysis On page and technical SEO Off page SEO, back links and outreach Measurement for SEO The pros and cons of Google Ads Building a robust strategy Account structures Targeting the best keywords Quality Score Successful bidding strategies Remarketing Successful measurement Content strategies The key elements of persuasion Creating a content schedule Generating ideas and creativity Multiple formats and repurposing Content and automated marketing Storytelling Content Marketing integration Content marketing is the most effective method of building brand loyalty and growing sales for any business. In this programme students will learn how to use content to build brand awareness and create loyal customers. All the main content format will be covered and the programme includes a wealth of strategies, hints, tips and resources.
  • Digital Strategy 360 (14 hours)
    This workshop gives attendees an overview of the digital landscape, including key principles around data and customers, how channels fit together and how to create a plan that works.
  • The Future of Content (8 hours)
    This workshop gives attendees a view into the future of content and transports them, to 2025. A time when mobile will be ubiquitous and consumers will be surrounded by AI, smart speakers, VR and immersive video experiences. A time for which, businesses should start preparing now.
  • Master Social Video (6 hours)
    In this exciting workshop attendees will learn how to plan and create video content to engage future and existing customers on social media.
  • Social Media Advertising (3 hours)
    Emerging human behaviours Using behavioural insights New content for the new consumer Create improved experiences Move from text only to rich media The power of video AR, VR and 360 video in social media Continuous improvement for success Bring out creative ideas Understand production Work in an efficient and directed way Put in place the right metrics Target with Facebook Insights Write impactful copy Choose the right creative Use Facebook Ad Manager Create audience types Use retargeting Optimise content Analyse and measure This workshop shows attendees how to plan and create Social Media and Facebook campaigns, from writing copy to choosing the right formats, to optimising ads.
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We work together because we like each other! We believe that the best way to learn, either online or face to face is through enjoyment. We hope to inspire every client we work with.


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