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Grow Your Business With Google Ads

Show your ads to potential users and convert them into paying customers with our cost-effective Google Ads strategy.

  • Wouldn't it be great if you were the first to be found, when a customer searched for your products?

  • Wouldn't it be amazing to double your daily enquiries & Sales?

  • Wouldn't it be wonderful to tap into the hidden world of Pay Per Click.

Get in touch and we'll prepare a complimentary audit report for you.


No one will buy from you, if they don't know you exist!

Why eWavelength?​
  • We’ve launched some of the biggest campaigns in the GCC, Middle East.

  • Often increasing our client's ROI by 400%.

  • This year, a highlight was launching Justin Bieber, in Bahrain!

  • We are dedicated to optimising our clients campaigns to maximise their return on advertising spend (ROAS).

  • We aim to get your advertisements on the first page of Google 

  • Plus we have a delightful team who can also work on your SEO optimisation and the rest of your digital marketing

We Are Google Partners

We are proud that we are a Google Partner.  Our Media Buyers are Google certified whilst our Managing Director is one of the facilitators on the Google Digital Academy, which trains all of Google's top clients across the world.

Our Google-accredited specialists provide fully-fledged advertising services to help you come out on top! Whether you’re a small local business or a huge corporation, we bring your customers to you.

What Is Covered ?

Two simple phrases, drive everything we do. "Boost Leads!". "Expose your brand!"

  • Be it search, display, video or shopping our aim is to make the best use of the platform.

  • Re-target interested prospects – This is gold dust! Run re-targeting campaigns to reach people who have shown interest in your business.

  • Monitor Cost  – Selecting bidding models. Know where your money goes, how much is spent, how much it costs and how much you can spend, penny by penny.

  • Measure results – The KPI’s important to your business can be tracked and optimized through tried and tested tools.

  • Its time for your brand, to be seen. Over and over again.

How We Do This?
  • We monitor your ad spend every week

  • We use our advanced knowledge of the Google Platform to get the maximum response

  • We review your ads and provide text that will get a higher response

Standard Text Ads (1500 × 1080 px) (40 × 40 px) (650 × 650 px).png

Drive in as many conversions as possible within your specified budget.


Increase in conversions Within the same budget with Max Conversions

Standard Text Ads (1500 × 1080 px) (40 × 40 px) (650 × 650 px) (1).png

Attain as many conversions as possible, while maintaining your target CPA


Increase in conversions at similar CPA with Target CPA (Search, Display)

Standard Text Ads (1500 × 1080 px) (40 × 40 px) (650 × 650 px) (2).png

Get the highest conversion value possible at your target return on ad spend (ROAS)


Increase in conversions value with Target ROAS

eWavelength Google Ads Service
Search Network Advertising

Get your business in front of the potential audience when they are actively searching for your services/products.

Display Network Advertising

Enhance your brand awareness with Google Display Ads. It can reach people worldwide across 35 million websites and apps, and on Google-owned properties.

Shopping Ads

Showcase your products across Google’s Network. It allows users to search for products on your ecommerce website, direct from search results pages.

Ad Variations & Testing
Conversion Tracking

Take a new approach to ad testing. Test multiple versions of your ads to pick-out the best-performing ads.

Make better and more informed decisions with conversion tracking. Measure your results and optimise campaigns to generate more results.

Prepare month end reports to analyse the campaigns performance and make further decisions.


What Can Be Achieved?





Our Process

Digital Advertising Process
Are you Ready to Setup a Successful Google Ads Campaign to Improve ROI?
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