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Competency Based Marketing Training at eWavelength.

At eWavelength, we believe in training and work experience! 
We realise that companies that create a highly skilled and well trained workforce achieve  higher annual returns to shareholders and faster growth.
We therefore want to empower everyone. We want to give them the knowledge, the tools and the work experience they need to excel in their careers. It is only when you have all 3, you will thrive. 
We have therefore developed a Competency Based Training Programme. On this paid programme you will have the chance to deliver exciting forward-thinking digital and marketing programmes. However it will be challenging, and you will be constantly learning new skills on a daily basis.  You will be asked to complete training modules that ensure you understand the THEORY. Then you will be asked to demonstrate the theory through ON THE JOB assignments.  Finally you will be asked to pass an EXAM to show you are of a level competent enough to work with clients. 

If you would like to be part of eWavelength's Competency Based Learning Programme, please send us your CV and an explanation about how you
think you could excel under this programme and deliver amazing work.

Through our programme you will have the opportunity to learn about  all types of marketing and digital projects.  We also help companies all across the world from Europe to Australia. 


Ready to apply for our Training Programme?

Send us you updated Resume along with your portfolio to 

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