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//Customer Experience Benchmarking

How do you outperform the market and make more profit than everyone else?

“Understand what your competitors are doing, and do it better” MD eWavelength

The key to success is making sure, your website has the BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. And I mean the best, not just a little bit better. If your company has made sure that it creates a great experience at every touch point within the customers journey, your customers will keep coming back for more!


So how do you know if your company has the best customer experience and outperforms the competitors? Our Customer Experience and User Experience Audit will tell you.


Our team will spend time reviewing your digital assets and those of your competitors. We’ll then score you, showing you how your digital experiene compares  to other companies with similar product lines.  

Before initiation of the project, we will request your suggestions on competitors you would like to include in the audit.  We can also look at international companies that might not be direct competitors. This  will give you insight into industry best practices.

To give you an idea of how this could look, the following chart highlights the summary of a benchmarking study completed for one of the world’s leading banks*. 

Competitor Customer Experience Score for Client

Competitor costumer experience score for client

* Example only as we cannot share real life company data due to confidentiality

This client scored 52% out of 100 on customer experience, below 4 of its competitors. However all the companies scored lower than customer's expectations showing a huge opportunity.  The company that can make it's customer experience match the clients needs more closely, will be the organisation that will win the majority market share and become the leading player. Get in touch and we'll tell you your score!! Email:

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