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Our team of copywriters and content managers are working with many of the top companies in the UAE. This year our team has been responsible for delivering copy and content for some market-leading brands here in the UAE. The team has had a fast and furious year! Delivering over 400 pages of copy for the Grand Prix 2019 in Abu Dhabi. Charlotte from the team also was hugely instrumental in helping Etihad launch their new website. 

Previously in the UK, the team have worked in a number of marketing roles for companies such as the  Marriott Hotels and the Four Seasons. Hotels are great at teaching people how to deliver excellent customer experience!

The team is currently working on a number of projects with a range of companies and start-up businesses, assisting with their marketing requirements across a spectrum of activities; SEO, content and strategy planning, blog writing, website design, social media, and email campaigns.

You'll often find them working through the night to deliver new Apps for Abu

Dhabi's latest and hottest destinations! The team can turn their skills to most things

 and they always strive to deliver fast, reliable results.

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