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Discover Medics launches into the UAE

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

At eWavelength, we are proud to work with people from all across the world on various projects and tasks. Our aim is always simple – to help our clients take their projects further and to enhance their visibility online and beyond. Recently, we were introduced to UK based company Discover Medics, a recruitment specialist for medical services. The company wanted to expand their services globally beyond the UK, and launch into the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Together, we collaborated on a long-term plan to launch a new brand and website for

The aim was simple – to develop a new brand, with an eye catching website, logo, brochure, and social media platforms. With the medical industry gripped by the COVID-19 crisis, we recognised the importance of providing top quality medical talent to the region. The aim was to bring the best, and most talented medical staff to the UAE. eWavelength’s aim was to build a project team that could handle the marketing requirements.

The project was an exciting, thought-provoking experience. A really interesting venture. And despite the the fact that we were in the middle of a pandemic, surrounded by major restrictions on team movement and in the middle of a lock down, the team managed to pull it off! A full brand launch was delivered, involving a full website development, logo design, and brand image creation. We also ran a series of high-end Marketing Planning workshops, virtually of course. The aim was to create a cohesive marketing plan, based on the See, Think, Do, Care framework mapped out by Google.

Diagnosis and Delivery

During the project, we worked on numerous aspects of the Discover Medics branding and imagery.

The deliverables were extensive:

  • A whole new brand image – creating a colour scheme, image style, and typography to suit.

  • A new website, which also reconfigured to fit a mobile and iPad

  • An Arabic-language site that would allow Discover Medics to communicate with local Arabic speakers.

  • Marketing plans - to map out some creative marketing launch ideas and create the customer’s personas

  • PDF brochure – for partners.

  • New logo – with a welcoming feel.

  • Set up of Social media channels - so the brand can be found on the key platforms

  • Blogs - to inform the audience and capture the most important search engine key words

To achieve this, we pulled together our team of eWavelength specialists, which included our full time designer and website developer, our content writers, a project manager, and our MD Rosie Seldon, a digital marketing strategy expert and trainer for Google. We started off with a strong marketing strategy workshop so that we could better understand the customer and then found the right message from there.

Target Audience

With the target audience - HR managers, doctors, and clinical managers – we understood exactly who Discover Medics would be targeting. This gave us a refined, clear idea of the kind of language to use, and what key points to press upon.

Once we understood the needs and requirements of each target audience member, we got to work on building a website that spoke to them.

Project Progression

The project was a real success, and we were able to work together in an informative and collaborative way with our client.

“Collaboration throughout was strong, and we found great harmony on all major topics of the project.” Rosie Seldon MD.

At the end of the project, Himal Arachchi, Managing Director and Founder of Discover Medics commented:

"It was great to work with the team at ewavelength. Very friendly and professional service. They completed the project within the given timeline, which was an excellent effort from them, considering the strict lock-down we were in back in March - April time.

I would be more than happy to use them again for our future projects".

Rosie Seldon, the Managing Director of EWavelength, said of the project:

“It was a wonderful project to work on, we loved working with Himal and the UK based Discover Medics team. I’d be happy to recommend them to any hospital in the UAE who is looking to hire. They are organised, efficient and effective to work with, and have access to the very best global medical staff."

“We hope we can work with many other companies in the region. With our global team and UK heritage we can help companies in the UK looking to launch into the UAE, or companies in the Middle East who would like to launch a new global or local brand”

Reach out if you would like to discuss how we can support your business during these challenging times.

WhatsApp or phone: +971525657334


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