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20 Top Tips to Make You Effective when Working from Home

It’s time to start working from home! It sounds awesome but can often be more challenging than it sounds. To help, you can start your day with the following in mind.

Working from home

These simple actions can greatly improve your effectiveness and help you keep strong communication channels open with your team -

  • Email your to-do-list to your client/manager each day so they know what you are working on

  • List the weekly tasks you are doing. Now that you are working from home, and they can’t speak to you so easily. Your manager will greatly appreciate it

  • Be available to your team members, line manager and day-to-day contacts, by phone. Switch the ringer on. Unlike in the office, you may need it to be louder now so you don't miss calls

  • Return calls within an hour of receiving them

  • Make sure to follow your company’s Security policy, and Confidentiality policies e.g. don't leave documents around your house. Don't discuss confidential work issues with your family as it may break confidentiality clauses

  • Store documents securely.

  • Don't use a personal email for company documents (e.g. Yahoo or Hotmail). Only use work email address

  • Be logged online during your working hours

  • Always respond to calls, emails and messages in a pro-active manner e.g. message and say you are on another call if client tries to call and can't get through

  • Maintain project and deliverable deadlines

  • Continue adherence to, all Information Security requirements of your clients, 3rd parties and your company

  • Use video conferencing (conference call facilities, data room, etc.) whenever you can to maintain appropriate communications and interaction. It is VERY important to keep in touch daily J and not feel disconnected

  • Try and call your clients, team or manager daily to keep in touch with them about all the items you are working on.

  • A lot of managers are overwhelmed by emails and can't always respond. If you don't receive a response within 24 hours, try to call and/or WhatsApp them

  • Write emails and WhatsApp messages in a very polite and professional manner. Always try and frame your emails to reflect a friendly and effective tone, not bossy or demanding :-)

  • Work out which communication channel each of your co- workers likes best and is most responsive to e.g. WhatsApp, email, phone, WebEx, voicemail etc. Each person may have one channel they are most responsive to.

  • Stay focused and try to create an area of your home where you can concentrate the best

  • Whenever possible, use a separate keyboard, mouse and screen as it is more ergonomic than laptops. It will help keep your posture upright, to avoid future neck and back problems)

  • Keep all the necessary work items (phone, notepad and other stationery, a water bottle etc.) within reach, to help you stay focused.

eWavelength is a big supporter of flexible working! Hope you enjoyed our tips

eWavelength is a digital marketing consultancy that manages and delivers digital projects in the UAE through our network of digital consultants. We have helped some of the region’s leading entertainment, finance and aviation businesses implement and deliver digital activities to boost sales and income. Talk to us to discover powerful digital strategies that work across platforms and channels.

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