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Discover the winning digital frameworks, uncovered by the tech giants.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

How eWavelength's digital workshops have been inspired by the Google Digital Academy

By Rhian Richards

Every epic journey starts with a small step. In 2016, Rosie Seldon, the Managing Director of eWavelength Digital Marketing was asked to take that step and join Google Digital Academy’s brand new team of freelance global instructors, whose sole purpose was to help the largest and most important of Google’s clients fundamentally review the way they ran their marketing, in this new digital world.

Rosie says: “I was asked to join the Google team as they had identified an extraordinary fact; only a tiny percentage of their clients - and we are talking multi-national, mega-brands here - truly understood how powerful digital marketing can be. Google wanted to recruit a team of digital experts who could help Google’s clients uncover their winning formula, built on all their years of experience and proven by Google’s data.”

The winning frameworks are shared through a series of workshops where attendees are active participants. The Google team, along with freelance facilitators, such as Rosie, guide the company through a series of activities which enable it to create a transformational digital roadmap for their brand.

“The workshops are a game changer,” states Rosie.

The defining point is when each company has its “aha” moment! This is the moment when the workshops transform businesses.

Rosie has now run over 30 workshops around the world for Google, and their partners Avado, travelling from Madrid to Prague and Dubai to Ethiopia. She enthuses: “It's incredible to see the impact these workshops have on companies all over the world and how the staff are an integral part of the digital solutions.”

She has also run many workshops for eWavelength’s clients and top companies such as #HSBC.

So what did she learn?

Dubai - taking on the chocolatiers

After two full days of talking (and tasting) chocolate with one of the world’s biggest and

most successful chocolate brands, the workshop identified where the company might

significantly enhance their digital strategy. While their digital marketing had traditionally

been dominated by playful brand awareness campaigns, there was a big opportunity in

using digital channels to support their offline retail sales and use online techniques to drive in-store chocolate purchases.

London - let the numbers do the talking

A renowned global accountancy software firm came to #Google with a puzzling dilemma.

They had invested time and money into their digital strategy but it had become

blatantly clear that they were failing to convert leads into sales. After running through

the workshop exercises, their aha moment was revealed. The key issue was a broken

customer journey. While the digital advertising was performing well, customers were

completely perplexed by the company’s sign up process and this confusing registration

process was causing hundreds of promising clients to drop out.

Middle East - finding a common framework

A leading international motor company brought their global teams together in #Dubai to

investigate the very foundations of their digital strategy. The Google workshop showed

the teams how to devise a clear and efficient digital marketing operating model which

they could successfully roll out across all their digital marketing teams internationally.

With teams operating in many countries across the globe, they commented to Rosie

that bringing all the teams together, behind one framework would have huge impacts

on their efficiency

Madrid - a digital transformation

A major grocery food brand wanted to catapult its marketing into the new digital age by

teaching their traditional brand teams how to communicate online in the digital

marketplace. The team was so inspired by their workshop, they started booking their

next #YouTube brand campaign while they were still in the conference room.

Africa - inspiring clients to fly

One of Africa’s foremost airlines endorsed Google Academy as the most relevant

workshop ever undertaken by the firm, as it inspired staff to understand client mindsets

and how they could respond in their advertising, key concepts and messaging.

Rosie explains: “The workshops have a magical effect. Once everyone is enthusiastically

working in the same direction, towards the same goal, the marketing can become highly

efficient and very effective. Challenging staff to think in new ways, it really reignites the team, and inspires them to make highly impactful changes. During many of the sessions the atmosphere was electric. With so many ideas, creating a buzz, the teams are inspired to create a cutting edge, unique and impactful plan for their marketing teams and their business, as a whole.”

Rosie Seldon is the Managing Director of eWavelength, a #UAE based digital marketing consultancy, and also trains for Google and their partners Avado, as part of their freelance consultancy team. eWavelength is focused on bringing the best of digital to the Middle East, helping companies plan and manage their digital marketing and digital transformation programmes. To find out more about their digital workshops browse the website or email

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