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Why do companies like eWavelength?

Updated: May 12, 2021

Our Social Media Coordinator, wanted to find out.

First up, she wanted to know:

“What do our clients like about us?”

We all grin: “Ah ha, I think it's our personality. We are easy to get along with and professional too!”

“I'd also like to think we are 'unflappable’. We get thrown into really big technical projects and have to use our experience and skills to hit the ground running.”

"Hmmm... so what are our customers generally looking for?"

"Well, a whole range of digital services. Literally, anything from websites to social media, Google rankings to Arabic Copywriting. Anything to help them improve the performance of their digital marketing."

"What are we KNOWN for?"

One area we do seem to be getting well known for, is producing high quality content in Arabic and English for the big UAE websites

But.."How do we, as a Digital Marketing Agency help solve their problems?"

"I think a lot of our clients would say we are easy to bring in, and can work alongside other agencies. We can very quickly fill a skills gap. Often they need our help with project management, improving the performance of their website, or high-quality copywriting in English and Arabic. They are usually pleased to hear many of the team have English as a first language. We provide website editing support too, and of course social marketing expertise.”

“So I guess the million-dollar question is - Why do customers choose eWavelength?”

“I’ve been thinking about this lately, and perhaps it’s because we are more agile than other agencies. We quickly fill a skills gap. Our model is to work as an extension of the client’s team by providing a dedicated set of specialists. Often we get our team members supporting, in as quickly as a week. The big companies know it would take them 3 or 4 months to recruit these roles normally. We offer a bespoke and surprisingly cost-effective service, given the quality of the team.”

If you need a digital team of specialists to deliver a content or marketing project fast, then eWavelength is the one to call!

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