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6 Crucial actions you must take to keep your customers warm during Covid19?

Updated: May 11, 2020

Calling all businesses: 6 things you must do to keep your customers warm during the Coronavirus

"It’s critical not to lose your customers during this time of social distancing"

Overnight, businesses have had to change the way they operate. With an unprecedented number of sales now moving online, does your business need to increase its digital offering to adapt to the new situation? You're not alone. Just wanted to share some advice. At eWavelength Digital Marketing we’ve helped many companies across the globe from HSBC to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to enhance their digital offering and digital marketing.

Here are a 6 really useful things you can do right now:

1. Marketing Audit – Take a closer look at your business and get a better understanding of how your website, marketing and social media channels are performing. Collect all your online sales data and assess it. What type of visitor numbers are you getting? How many followers do you have on social media? Now is the time to compile it all into a report and set yourself some targets and benchmarks. You can score your website using one of the online audit tools available too.

2. Email Marketing – Make sure to be on top of your game with Email marketing. It continues to be one of the most effective techniques to keep in touch with your customer’s during this difficult time. Many customers don’t know if you are open or not. Let them know how they can still communicate with you.

3. Website – Ensure your website delivers an exceptional user journey for your customer to achieve their goal as quickly and as easily as possible. Ask a client to try and purchase something on your website. Watch them on #Zoom and see how easy or difficult your website or app is to navigate. Your website may now become your key sales channel, so make sure your customers find it intuitive and easy to use! Your website is what they will be looking at now.

4. WhatsApp – The quickest way of reaching your customers is to ensure they get your communication within minutes! WhatsApp messaging is a great way to get in touch fast! Set up some broadcast groups and let all your customers know your new opening hours and give them your WhatsApp number so they can get in touch. As WhatsApp can sometimes be very time consuming to set up, we’ve identified some bespoke WhatsApp tools that are out there to speed things up and enable companies to send out messages within minutes.

5. Social Media Strategy and Management – Where are most of your customers now? At home on their phones! Keep your Social Media active and consistent particularly when the going gets tough! Videos are very popular and did you know you can still post all your products on the social channels too!

6. Content Management - Meaningful content that is appropriate to the situation will help your customers get through this tough time. Ask your customers if your content is valid and appealing? This may be a good time to translate your website into other languages such as Arabic or French. Find out which products they need right now and write some blogs or do some product demonstration videos. Explain your delivery service and how it operates now, as this will be important.

Just wanted to remind you, we are here, and eWavelength can help. We've helped many companies from entertainments to banks, to enhance their digital offering and digital marketing.

eWavelength Digital Marketing Consultancy Team

If you need help or just some useful advice, we can review and re-engineer your online processes and digital marketing to ensure you can operate effectively in this digital world.

We’d love to chat to you about the current challenges you are facing and offer some helpful advice.

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